The most effective sports for overall health and fitness

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The most effective sports for overall health and fitness

roger wolfson

Former physical educator Roger Wolfson has years of experience in helping people reach their health and fitness goals.  He is truly committed to his life’s passion.  In fact, he hasn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic gets in the way of guiding people.  Roger has started a series of blogs where he shares his vast knowledge and expertise on all things health and wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

For this blog, Roger Wolfson explores various sports that can serve as an alternative to the usual fitness routines people do in gyms.  Here are some of the best ones:

1. Swimming

When one talks about efficient full-body exercises, it’s hard to top swimming.  It has a multitude of health benefits, and it is extremely easy on the joints.  Swimming burns tons of calories and strengthens almost every part of the body.  It boosts lung capacity, and it can get the blood flowing as much as any other exercise. 

The only drawback, though, Roger Wolfson mentions, is that not everyone has access to pools.

2. Biking

While spinning has become quite a trend in the 2010s, many enthusiasts still prefer the original form, biking.  Great for the entire body, biking in the open holds many benefits for the body.  It strengthens the muscles and the joints and promotes efficient blood circulation.  Also, when done in the open, the lungs receive some much needed fresh air. 

3. Boxing

The common misconception people have about boxing as a workout routine is that all one does is punch either a trainer’s mitts or a heavy bag.  While punching is a huge part of boxing, there is so much more to it as a workout. 

For instance, people who work out in boxing gyms go through a gauntlet of exercises that include skip rope, footwork, and defensive drills, and even weight training.  And one of the best things about boxing?  It is one of the greatest stress relievers known to man.

4. Golf

According to Roger Wolfson, golf is great as a sport, but perhaps even better as an exercise.  For starters, golf teaches people to keep perfect posture at all times.  It promotes flexibility and strengthens the muscles.  And with all the walking people do on golf courses with all the fresh air a person needs, it also acts as a great cardio workout. 

As a side note, Roger mentions that getting a golf membership is more than worth it for the health benefits and the business opportunities that may arise from it.

5. Rock climbing

Not to be confused with mountain climbing, which is also a great endeavor for fitness, rock climbing involves a straight-faced wall with small rocks jutting out.  The protrusions act as a ladder of sorts.  People can pull themselves or step on these rocks on their way up.  Rock climbing, also known as wall climbing, has become extremely popular, being fun and unsurprisingly beneficial to one’s fitness.

Roger Wolfson explains that rock climbing boosts a person’s strength more than almost any other exercise, as a person gets used to carrying their body weight.

Roger Wolfson is a former physical educator who continues to help people change their lifestyles for the better.  He is still a consummate guide for everyone who is on their journey to attain their health and fitness goals. Roger’s passion for all things health and wellness has allowed him to lead so many others towards a healthier and fitter life.  For more about health and fitness, check out this page.