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A Few More Important Nutrition Tips for the Busy-Body

Not only is retired physical educator Roger Wolfson extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and body health, he also possesses a great deal of information on proper nutrition. He believes that what people eat is even more important than physical exercise in the grander scheme of things (more on this below). And this is why he makes it…
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Five Sports that Can Supercharge the Heart and Lungs

Roger Wolfson is a retired physical educator who continues to help people reach their health goals.  He handles consultations, training sessions, workshops, and the like to educate people on what they need to know about staying healthy and fit.  Over the past few months, Roger Wolfson has followed safety protocols with the global health crisis…
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Slimming Down or Bulking Up? The Best Exercises for Different Goals

Retire physical educator Roger Wolfson has surely kept himself busy during the current global health crisis by exercising regularly, staying fit, eating right, and writing and releasing a number of blogs that will help inform and educate readers on the finer points of health and fitness. There are a number of the things Roger Wolfson…
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Health goals: A look at effective diet plans

Former physical educator Roger Wolfson has helped a lot of people achieve their health and fitness goals by teaching them what they need to know when it comes to wellness.  He believes that there are two things needed to become healthy and fit – proper nutrition and exercise, with the former being a lot more…
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Recommended workout routines for different body types

One of Roger Wolfson‘s main principles as a former physical educator was that everybody is different.  While many health and fitness goals may be similar, the path people take toward their goals may vary. Several aspects differentiate people from one another.  The most common one of these aspects is body type.  Fitness trainers recommend that…
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The most effective sports for overall health and fitness

Former physical educator Roger Wolfson has years of experience in helping people reach their health and fitness goals.  He is truly committed to his life’s passion.  In fact, he hasn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic gets in the way of guiding people.  Roger has started a series of blogs where he shares his vast knowledge and…
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