Recommended workout routines for different body types

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Recommended workout routines for different body types

One of Roger Wolfson‘s main principles as a former physical educator was that everybody is different.  While many health and fitness goals may be similar, the path people take toward their goals may vary.

Several aspects differentiate people from one another.  The most common one of these aspects is body type.  Fitness trainers recommend that people of a particular body type do a specific set of exercises to maximize their workouts and make headway toward their goals more efficiently. 

Today, Roger Wolfson provides readers with a short guide of recommended workouts based on three different kinds of individuals.

Overweight/Obese:  People who are overweight or obese are usually more prone to several health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and wear and tear of the joints, especially in the lower extremities.  For all these reasons and more, doctors typically recommend overweight or obese individuals to lose weight. 

Many exercises can help a person lose weight, with the most effective of which being cardio and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).  The best workout routines for weight loss involves exercise that raises the heart rate and metabolism. 

That said, Roger Wolfson explains that a proper diet is required to lose weight.  Without proper nutrition, a person will find it almost impossible to lose weight and stay healthy.

Underweight:  Just like overweight and obese people, underweight individuals also face their health issues such as malnutrition, anemia, vitamin deficiencies, and lack of calcium.  Some underweight people may even have weakened immune systems.  Because of this, it is often recommended that they gain weight. 

First off, there’s a huge chance that underweight people lack proper nutrition.  As such, they have to eat more than they usually do.  The food they eat feeds into their muscles and bones.  This is an important step when they do start to work out.

For their workout routines, Roger Wolfson recommends strength and weight training, which are essential ways of bulking up.  While cardio will still play a part in their routines, it is no longer needed for weight loss, but rather to increase strength so that they can lift heavier.

Senior:   Science has proven time and again that physical activity is great for seniors for many reasons.  Seniors who exercise regularly experience less pain in their joints and have healthier hearts and lungs.  Exercise also delays and may even prevent the onset of dementia. 

However, seniors need to be wary of their bodies and their joints, and they need to stay within their limits to avoid injury.  Roger Wolfson mentions that several exercises are perfect for people in their twilight years.  Most of these exercises are low-impact in nature.

Examples of workouts that seniors can do are biking, walking, swimming, Tai Chi, soft aerobics, light lifting, and golf.

Roger Wolfson was once a physical educator.  He has since retired.  However, he continues to guide people on their journey toward health and fitness.  From classes and workshops to seminars, demonstrations, and now blogs, Roger shares his knowledge on health and wellness, fitness, and nutrition to help people reach their goals and live a healthier life.  For more articles on health and fitness, visit this page.