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Nutrition 101: A list of some of the healthiest foods out there

Roger Wolfson was once a physical educator, who has since retired.  However, he continues to guide people on their journey toward health and fitness.  Nowadays, Roger has shared all that he knows about health and wellness, fitness, and nutrition in his series of blogs to help people reach their goals and live a healthier life.

Today’s article touches on what Roger Wolfson believes to be the most important component of health and fitness – proper nutrition.  Without a healthy diet, people would find it impossible to keep up a healthy lifestyle, no matter how much they work out.

Below is a shortlist of some of the healthiest food available in the market today.

Kimchi:  This fermented Korean superfood is not only tasty, but it also holds one of the most complete sets of nutrients of any food out there.  Containing either radish or cabbage, and a fair amount of spices, kimchi has vitamins A, C, B1, and B2, and a whole lot of beneficial minerals great for gut health.

Garlic and Onions:  More than just supplements to flavor up hundreds of meals, garlic and onions are two of the healthiest foods that most people have in their pantry or refrigerator at home.  They are beneficial when cooked, but even more so when eaten raw.

Kefir:  Not too many people are familiar with kefir – but they should be.  Kefir is a fermented grain with a yeast, bacteria, and goat’s milk base.  It’s also one of the most beneficial superfoods that have flown under the radar for far too long.  It has lactobacilli and antioxidants, among other ingredients.

Bananas:  For most active people, bananas are heaven-sent.  These fruits replenish energy and are quite nutritious.  Roger Wolfson highly recommends bananas to people who love eating junk food as a replacement.

Eggs:  As far as superfoods go, it’ll be hard to top eggs, especially for people who live an active lifestyle and are very much into fitness.  When consumed regularly, eggs can provide everything a body needs to muscle development and bone fortification.  They also have vitamins, minerals, and good cholesterol.

Cucumber, celery, and green apples:  On their own, these three veggies pack quite the vitamins and minerals each.  However, when combined, they become one of the healthiest drinks in the world.  Roger Wolfson explains that all one needs to do is to take out the celery leaves, put in cucumber, kale leaves, mint, ginger, and a peeled lemon for flavor.

This drink is so healthy that a person only needs to drink it once a month to cleanse his digestive system.

Black coffee:  Coffee is the staple and favorite drink of millions of people in the world.  However, not every cup of coffee is made equally.  The best option, according to Roger Wolfson, is to take the coffee black, without milk, creamer, or sugar.  Apart from a load of minerals, coffee has antioxidants that keep vital organs such as the liver and heart-healthy.