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A summary of workout types for people at home

Roger Wolfson is a former physical educator who still guides people on their health and fitness journey.  Nowadays, even with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping millions in their homes, Roger keeps himself busy by documenting all the helpful things he knows in a series of blogs meant to inform and educate people on the finer points of fitness and nutrition.

For this blog, Roger Wolfson shares various workout types for people who are stuck in their homes – whether they have the equipment or not.

Weightlifting:   For people who were lucky to have set up their own gym at home, they can do straightforward weightlifting routines.  However, Roger explains that even with an almost-complete home gym, people shouldn’t forget their cardio training in-between weightlifting days.

HIIT:  High-intensity interval training or HIIT, is a workout routine that involves a burst of anaerobic activity followed by a short rest period before another burst of anaerobic activity.  For example, people can do as many reps of air squats as they can in 30 seconds before resting for 20 seconds and then doing as many reps of air squats again for 30 seconds.

HIIT can be done with or without weights.  CrossFit training is an excellent example of this.  People can opt to go through training with kettlebells, jump and step boxes, barbells, dumbbells, and the like, or they can choose to do bodyweight training, which brings Roger Wolfson to his next item.

Bodyweight training:  Bodyweight training is the most practical type of training because as the name suggests, all people need for this is their own body.  The tragic misconception people have of bodyweight training is that it is extremely limited because of the lack of equipment.  This cannot be farther from the truth.

There are hundreds of variations for bodyweight training, which people can do to varying difficulties. 

Combat training:  Great for fat burning and excellent for stress-relief, combat training can be quite a workout routine.  Roger Wolfson mentions that many people have set up heavy bags at home for this very reason.  In combat training, people can go over boxing and Muay Thai drills, or even practice martial arts such as karate and Tae Kwon Do. 

A favorite category of many fitness enthusiasts, combat training can even be done without equipment, like bodyweight training.  Shadowboxing, kata, and simply imitating and repeating combat movement is a surefire way to raise one’s heart rate and burn fat.

Yoga:  Yoga isn’t for everybody – but Roger Wolfson insists it should be, or at least a part of people’s regular workout routine.  All one needs is a mat. 

Yoga’s health benefits have been well-documented throughout the years.  No other workout is as efficient in teaching perfect posture and developing flexibility of the limbs as yoga.  Probably, the only reason why people are put off by yoga is that it isn’t as dynamic as other exercises, leading many to believe that it can get a bit boring, for lack of a better word.