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General health and fitness: The role of exercise and nutrition

Roger Wolfson is a former physical educator who has helped many people reach peak health by sharing valuable information and educating them in the realm of fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, exercise, and ideal diets. 

Since the global health crisis started, Roger has written about what he has learned through the years and will be sharing them through a series of blogs that he will be releasing over the next few months.  All the blogs will revolve around health, fitness, and everything in-between.

The truth is, looking at the internet, and social media mostly, it is quite sad to see how so many people expect to gain weight throughout the stay-at-home directive.  While some encourage working out in the confines of one’s home, they are vastly outnumbered by the people who believe being in quarantine is akin to a staycation where all a person does is watch Netflix, eat, drink, and sleep, and not necessarily in that order. 

Yes, they may be jokes, and they may be memes, but they are also a reflection of the mindset of so many people these days.  And while staying at home is a preventive measure against COVID-19, Roger Wolfson notes that it will be tragically ironic if people emerge from their houses overweight and with new health conditions to worry about.

And here’s the thing that so many people do not get – a decent level of health and fitness can be attained, even during the quarantine.  It begins with an understanding of a few essential points, the first of which is the vital role that exercise and nutrition play.

Roger Wolfson explains why it’s so easy to take exercise and nutrition for granted.  Until they become habits, exercising and embracing a proper diet are not the things that people want to do.  In fact, a lot of people even go so far to view exercise and a proper diet as obstacles to the things they really want to do, which is to lounge all day long watching Netflix and eating all the processed food they want.

But exercise and nutrition are not that much of a hassle, really.  Exercise can be done 15-20 minutes a day, which is a fraction of a person’s daily life.  Proper nutrition, on the other hand, may take a bit more discipline and effort, but it is very doable, Roger Wolfson insists.

The role of exercise is to keep the body in good shape, just like a car needs to be warmed up now and then so the fluids don’t solidify and damage the system.  Exercise improves blood flow and ensures that oxygen reaches all the major organs.  It also means that organs such as the kidneys and liver get to detoxify the body as needed.

Using the car analogy once again, Roger Wolfson explains that proper nutrition is like replacing all the vital fluids, from the oil down to the brake fluid, to ensure that the car runs properly.  For humans, a healthy diet delivers countless benefits that science has backed up for decades.