Five Sports that Can Supercharge the Heart and Lungs

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Five Sports that Can Supercharge the Heart and Lungs

Roger Wolfson is a retired physical educator who continues to help people reach their health goals.  He handles consultations, training sessions, workshops, and the like to educate people on what they need to know about staying healthy and fit. 

Over the past few months, Roger Wolfson has followed safety protocols with the global health crisis leading to lockdowns everywhere.  Because of this, he has conducted his physical education business online, with a major part of his activities being focused on research, writing, and the release of blogs on the many topics of health and fitness.

Today, Roger Wolfson lists down five sports that can help supercharge the heart and lungs of people who engage in them.


Every time people engage in any activity that makes them use their legs and sprint, their heart and lungs are used to full capacity.  Soccer is one such activity.  All the drills that soccer players do work the legs, which is the largest muscle group of the body, to their limit.  And all the running, jogging, hopping, dribbling, kicking, and other constant movements make soccer a great activity for the heart and lungs.


Another sport that requires constant movement is basketball.  Basketball players utilize an ample amount of plyometric movements, or movements that have people use explosive movements for jumping, to shoot, block, grab a rebound, and do all the things needed to be done on the basketball court.  The game also involves a fair amount of running.  Combine these with upper-body movement, and people will surely give their hearts and lungs a good workout, according to Roger Wolfson.


As Roger Wolfson has mentioned time and again, arguably the greatest sport a person can get into is swimming.  Unlike other sports on this list, swimming is low-impact.  It does minimal damage to people’s joints, which means everyone can do it long-term, until they become old.  It requires full-body movements and a perfect-breathing rhythm to do successfully.  As such, it does wonders for the hearts and lungs.


Another sport Roger Wolfson loves to recommend in his blogs is boxing.  Boxing has more benefits than most sports.  It’s a great stress-reliever.  It teaches excellent self-defense.  It’s awesome as a workout.  And it’s not all about punches.  Boxing also teaches excellent footwork, and the incredible fat-burning exercise, jump rope.  As if that’s not enough, boxing likewise elevates the heart rate and requires the lungs to operate at full capacity.


The final sport on Roger Wolfson’s list is cycling.  Experiencing a rebirth of sorts over the past two decades, the sport of cycling has evolved to include spinning, which is stationary cycling in gyms with classmates under a trainer and assault bikes like the ones that can be found in CrossFit.  Like all of the sports here, cycling holds multiple benefits.  It can take people places at minimal cost, strengthen all the muscles of the body, and, of course, supercharge the heart and lungs.

Roger Wolfson is a former physical educator who continues to guide people on their journey towards health and fitness. Roger has shared all that he knows about health and wellness, fitness, and nutrition to help people reach their goals and live a healthier life.  Learn more about health and fitness, by checking out this site.