A Few More Important Nutrition Tips for the Busy-Body

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A Few More Important Nutrition Tips for the Busy-Body

Not only is retired physical educator Roger Wolfson extremely knowledgeable about physical fitness and body health, he also possesses a great deal of information on proper nutrition. He believes that what people eat is even more important than physical exercise in the grander scheme of things (more on this below). And this is why he makes it a point to regularly throw in a blog or two on proper nutrition among his articles on health and fitness. 

For today, Roger Wolfson shares a number of nutrition points and tips to help educate and inform people in their journey towards their health and fitness goals.

It is impossible to exercise one’s way out of a bad diet.

As mentioned earlier, proper nutrition plays a more significant role in a person’s health and fitness journey than exercise.  Every goal a person sets up for him or herself requires no less than the right food.  Without proper nutrition, Roger Wolfson maintains that it would be near impossible for people to meet goals.  In fact, he says if he were to quantify it, diet would be responsible for 70, maybe 80 percent of a person’s success in hitting their fitness and health goals (depending on the goals), while physical activity would take up 20 to 30 percent.

The waistline is the most basic marker.

A lot of people have difficulty figuring out whether or not their diet is working, and it probably isn’t their fault.  There are countless sources on the internet telling them how to check, from other people to fitness apps and BMI calculators to complex nutritional equation.  And these are all fine. But a person need not look far to see if their diet is doing its job. They just need to look at their waistline. A smaller waist means that a person isn’t storing too much fat, and is generally more fit. 

There are proper portions to proper nutrition.

Knowing what to eat is a great first step in proper nutrition.  The natural next course of action is to figure out how much it should a person consume.  Roger Wolfson explains that there are a number of important rules to follow, such as never eating too much carb, and staying away from liquid sugar such as sodas, beer, and artificial fruit juices as much as possible. 

Do not overlook the importance of hydration.

One of the most overlooked aspects in nutrition is water. An active person will lose tubloads of water in the course of a day through many means. It’s very important that he or she replaces this water by hydrating regularly. Without sufficient hydration, the body will fail to function on optimum levels, which is required on a health and fitness journey.

Approach nutrition with a fiery passion.

Roger Wolfson admits that maintaining proper nutrition is a lot harder than going to the gym and working out regularly.  It takes discipline. What he suggests is that people should approach their diets the same way they approach the things they love most – with a fiery passion.  They should stick to eating the proper food in a way that almost borders on obsession.

Roger Wolfson is a former physical educator who continues to help people change their lifestyles for the better.  He is still a consummate guide for everyone who is on their journey to attain their health and fitness goals. Roger’s passion for all things health and wellness has allowed him to lead so many others towards a healthier and fitter life.  For more about health and fitness, check out this page.