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Roger Wolfson is a former physical educator who has helped many people reach peak health by sharing valuable information and educating them in the realm of fitness, health and wellness, nutrition, exercise, and ideal diets.


Former physical educator Roger Wolfson continues to follow his dream of helping people on their journey to attain their health and fitness goals.

On countless occasions, he has shared his vast knowledge and expertise on all things health and wellness, fitness, and nutrition with people from all walks of life.

Wolfson shares various workout types for people who are stuck in their homes – whether they have the equipment or not.

Nowadays, even with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping millions in their homes, Roger keeps himself busy by documenting all the helpful things he knows in a series of blogs meant to inform and educate people on the finer points of fitness and nutrition.


Roger explains why it’s so easy to take exercise and nutrition for granted.

Until they become habits, exercising and embracing a proper diet are not the things that people want to do. In fact, a lot of people even go so far to view exercise and a proper diet as obstacles to the things they really want to do, which is to lounge all day long watching Netflix and eating all the processed food they want.


Roger Wolfson believes the most important component of health and fitness is proper nutrition

Without a healthy diet, people would find it impossible to keep up a healthy lifestyle, no matter how much they work out.


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